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Dalia Shelton, Personal Trainer


Dalia Shelton

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

Related Experience: Competitive gymnast

Certifications: ACE CPT

Training Philosophy:

I am a strong advocate of weight training and high intensity interval training, but I also love running, rock climbing, and making movement and exercise into a game. Essentially – I do whatever I want to do to get my heart pumping and to get sweating. I believe that exercise should be a passion, not a chore and my goal with personal training is to help others feel the same.

I believe that success from personal training comes from making exercise and healthy habits into a lifestyle. Every single person is different: from the way that their body reacts to each type of training, to the way that they may love yoga and hate running. As a trainer, I believe it’s my responsibility to dig deep, go the extra mile, and actually learn about each client and what drives them, moves them and inspires them. Then, together we can create a training program that clients will want to stick to. My goal with training clients is to create a lifelong, positive relationship with movement and exercise. A program that won’t be a chore, but a positive part of everyday life.