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Cody Trahan, Personal Trainer

Cody Trahan


Major: Nursing

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Related experience: Extensive background in sports: Football (including 1 season at TCU), powerlifting, track and field, and wrestling.

Training philosophy:
As an individual pursuing a career in healthcare, I believe that a balanced resistance training routine translates to a stronger, better looking body, as well as a stronger mind and a more positive attitude.  I tend to train with the mindset of an athlete, by pushing the aspect of variation within my routines. It is usually my goal to keep the pace quick with strategies such as supersets and circuit-style workouts, in order to strengthen both the muscular and cardiovascular systems.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, become a better athlete or just feel healthier, I can facilitate your progress by designing and leading you through a routine that fits you.