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Marcellus Williams, Personal Trainer

Marcellus Williams

Degree: B.S. Kinesiology

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Related Experience:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (2015-Present)
  • Nationally Qualified USAPL Power Lifter
  • Boot Camp Around Campus Group Exercise Class Instructor at UNT
  • Trainer of 2016 Miss Texas International Taylor Ashworth



Training Philosophy:
My training style is focused on taking scientific principles and programming them in a specific manner based upon my client’s goals. Whether it be to burn body fat, gain muscle mass, build strength, increase aerobic capacity, or improve athletic performance I am able to utilize a variety of exercise techniques in order to help anyone progress consistently. The bulk of the routines I use are based around resistance training whether it be through the use of calisthenics(body weight), free weights, or machines. I have experience with a variety of clients from working with special population disabilities to advanced strength and conditioning with college athletes. My objective is to not only help my clients reach their goals, but to educate them so that they become self regulated enough to set new goals and complete the process to reaching them on their own. I train by the principle that goals are set to give one a direction to follow, but learning to enjoy the process of training for those goals is what will yield results.