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Sarah Morris, Personal Trainer

Sarah Morris

Related Experience: 

  • Karate/Kickboxing 
  • 4 WKC World Championship medals 
  • 13 national titles in sport karate and kickboxing (WKC, AAU, Junior Olympics) 
  • Sport karate coach 

Certification: NSCA-CPT

Sport Karate and Kickboxing Instruction

Education: MM Piano Performance, BM Piano Performance

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

We are capable of more than we know! We all have dreams—things that we wish we could do but don’t believe we can. My goal as a trainer is to help you make them become a reality. Whether you want to get stronger and faster, learn kickboxing, or just have fun getting in better shape, I am here to help you succeed.

As a classical pianist and teacher, I’ve learned to tailor each lesson to my student’s goals and personality in order to maintain the right balance of challenge and fun. I bring the same mindset to training. My personal favorites are fighting, weight training, and HIIT workouts, but I truly enjoy any kind of exercise and strive to share that passion with you. My aim is to take what I’ve learned through my various experiences and share it with you each session in ways that apply to you and your goals.