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Here’s how to get hired at the OC

There have been lots of people who have approached the Adventure Trip Leaders and Climbing Wall staff about how to work at the best job in the world.

We’re doing things a little differently than usual. Most jobs have an application, go through the interview process, get hired, etc. Our job is less traditional, so we decided to create a job application that is less traditional.

On Dec. 11 from 9:30 – 2:30 p.m., people who are interested in working at the rock wall or people who were asked to join will be going on a mini adventure trip. We’ll start on campus, head to a nearby destination and then to Cameron’s house for lunch.

In the future, the best way to be considered for the job with the Outdoor Center is to be at the Outdoor Center. Sign up for trips, climb a few routes at the rock wall, hang out with the OC staff. Their word that you’re a good person to hire is more important than what you can put on a piece of paper.

Everyone at the Outdoor Center loves their jobs:

“Get rich or belay trying.” – Sam Tippetts, rock wall staff

“So that people will think you’re really athletic and active when you’re wearing your staff shirt.” – Reed Seely, equipment manager

“You can learn a lot and meet some pretty cool people. And you basically get free vacations.” – Matt Casciani, rock wall manager

Hang out with us and get hired. We love meeting you all!