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Marlee Yoxall, Personal Trainer

Marlee Yoxall

Education: B.S. Kinesiology- Health & Fitness, TCU

Hometown: Auburn, AL

Certification: NSCA-CPT

Training Philosophy:
My passion for training stemmed from overcoming my own personal health and wellness challenges. I believe that training has the ability to show individuals that they are capable of more than they think they are. My goal is to help clients discover their full potential through training. Training is about much more than doing something good for your body. Training transforms the mind as well. I tailor workouts to my clients’ needs and their own personal goals. I train my clients with a focus on functional movements to develop strength, endurance, and overall well-being. I promote a positive body image, encourage only good thoughts, and supply an endless amount of motivation. Change starts with the person who wants to change. I am here to help facilitate and support that change.


“There is no weakness that cannot be turned into a strength”