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We facilitate team building and challenge course experiences for all kinds of groups from on campus organizations, classes, and teams. Working with the TCU Challenge Course program is a creative and effective way to address group needs, develop a more cohesive team, and invest in the development of individual team members. Groups that can communicate clearly, work together, and set goals have unlimited potential! We want to help you develop group morale like that.

At our course, participants not only have the opportunity to participate in fun and challenging activities, but they are also challenged to relate those activities back to everyday life. Each team member brings a specific personality, communication style, and behaviour pattern to the group activities. Discovering each individual’s contribution is essential to team success. Many groups benefit greatly by strengthening relationships within their team, discovering new leadership abilities within their organization, and functioning as a more effective unit. We invite you and your group to accept the challenge at TCU Challenge Course!


Choice in the Challenge:

TCU’s challenge Course At the TCU Challenge Course, we believe that each individual participant will gain the most from their experience if they have a choice in how much they participate in the challenges presented. We believe that growth often occurs outside of one’s natural comfort zone and so we always encourage participants to push themselves; however, we respect their knowledge of their own limitations.


Key to success:

TCU’s Challenge Course is an opportunity open for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. The team building process is about participation and offering one’s talents, ideas, support, and encouragement, not just physical skill or exertion.

Groups with clear goals and expectations benefit the most. Throughout your reservation process, we will help you set and clarify those goals.

Good facilitating is a critical to the experience. TCU spends time training qualified facilitators, to make the challenge course experience both meaningful and relevant to everyday life. You can expect the best in technical skills as well as professional deliver from our facilitators.