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How students are coping with the uncertainty of 2020

It’s not even over yet and 2020 already feels like the longest year on record. Try these coping strategies to deal with this year’s many hardships.

Posted on Oct 14 2020
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Ask the nutritionist: “How can I make healthy choices when I have no money?”

Despite what you might see on social media, healthy eating is not all avocados and $15 juices. Eating healthy on a budget is actually pretty simple. Try these tips from our nutritionist.

Posted on Oct 14 2020
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Need lunch inspo? Try these 5 plant-based recipes

Try these easy and delicious plant-based lunch recipes when you need a break from PB&J.

Posted on Oct 07 2020
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FitnessU: 7 ab exercises that aren’t crunches

Let's be honest—we’re pretty over crunches. Try these easy, crunch-free moves for a strong core.

Posted on Oct 07 2020
teddy bear looking at mountains | self compassion meditation
Quiet your inner critic with this soothing touch meditation

Conquer your inner critic with this soothing touch practice.

Posted on Sep 30 2020

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testing alignment