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glassware full of beer, wine, and liquor | when does drinking become a problem
Worried about your drinking? How to tell if you might have a problem

When does social drinking go too far? Learn to spot subtle signs of alcoholism in you or your friends.

Posted on Apr 07 2021
simple modern wardrobe with hanging garments | the benefits of eco-friendly fashion
Sustainable, budget-friendly ways to make your wardrobe consciously chic

Fast fashion may be cheap, but the environmental costs are enough to make you rethink that $5 tee. Conscious shoppers share tips on how to create budget-friendly styles without the waste.

Posted on Apr 07 2021
hands grabbing french fries | healthy study snacks
Comfort food gets a makeover in these good-for-you study snacks

Fuel your study sessions with these easy (and healthy) comfort food snack ideas.

Posted on Apr 07 2021
topview of two people's sneakers meeting at a yellow line | setting healthy boundaries
4 ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships and everyday life

Learn strategies for practicing consent, self-empowerment, and boundary setting.

Posted on Mar 31 2021
raw cookie dough
UCookbook: Safe & healthy “raw” cookie dough

Can't help licking the spoon when baking a batch of cookies? Skip the salmonella risk and make this vegan chickpea cookie dough that you can eat raw and is healthy to boot.

Posted on Mar 31 2021

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testing alignment