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We support REI

REI announced in October that for Black Friday, they’re shutting down their stores and spending the day outside. The company has started a new hashtag (#OptOutside) to bring awareness to the cause.

Forbes magazine, in their most recent article about REI, states, “Ultimately, REI strives to inspire, educate and outfit its community for outdoor adventure and stewardship — standing in long lines on Black Friday is the antithesis of this positioning.”

Jerry Stritzke, the owner and president of REI, said he thinks Black Friday has gotten out of hand and encourages people to spend the day outdoors with their loved ones.

Most of us at the Outdoor Center support REI shutting down for Black Friday.

That means we support getting outside and being active. Crazy concept with the OC, right?

We not only agree with the cause, but the business minded ones of the team have said the strategy is a “great marketing campaign.” It supports their mission statement by telling people to get outdoors.

So tell us: What do you think about this? Do you agree with it? Do you not? Why? Stop by the Outdoor Center and let us know!

The screenshot is taken from The number of people who are choosing to                                    #OptOutside is up-to-date as of Nov. 18.