What is Frogs CARE?
Frogs CARE is an organization for students committed to educating the TCU Community about holistic wellness topics such as stress management, improved sleep, fitness, nutrition, safe drinking, and healthy relationships. As peer educators, Frogs CARE members promote awareness, provide educational outreach, and serve as accessible resources for fellow students.

Frog CAREWhat are the benefits of being involved in Frogs CARE?
Participating in a University leadership role affords students an opportunity to gain distinctive educational and developmental benefits. As a Frogs CARE peer educator, you will:

  • Organize and develop education-based programs and activities designed to provide accurate information for fellow college students.
  • Create and market campus-wide campaigns and prevention events.
  • Provide support in the implementation of wellness campaigns promoted by The Wellness Center.
  • Gain skills in communication, organization, time management, program development and outreach, evaluation techniques, the use of audiovisual equipment, and presentation/teaching methods. Such skills and experiences will aid you in connecting academic ideas to real-world situations, career preparation, and leadership development.

What kind of commitment is expected?
Students involved in Frogs CARE are expected to:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and training events each semester.
  • Give approximately 5 hours per week, working around class schedules and including weekly meetings.
  • Support and uphold the BACCHUS Network Peer Educator Code of Ethics.

How do I APPLY to be a Frogs CARE peer educator?
You must be a current TCU student in order to apply to be a Frogs CARE peer educator.

Frogs CARE Peer Educator Applications for Spring 2017 are currently by request only. Please contact Yvonne Giovanis at for more information.

Frogs CARE Applicant – Recommendation Form

Frogs CARE is affiliated with The BACCHUS Network, a university and community based network focusing on comprehensive health and safety initiatives.

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