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*The following rates are effective as of May 10, 2021* (5/10/2021 – Faculty/Staff, Students and their Spouse/Dependents, Retirees, Special Memberships, and Eligible Guests) (6/01/2021 – Alumni and Community Memberships)

Student Membership Information
All students are members through TCU tuition & fees.

Faculty/Staff Membership Information
All full-time, part time & temporary faculty/staff members are eligible to join the University Recreation Center. Fees and charges are attached. A valid TCU ID with Faculty or Staff designation or an authorized letter of employment is required. To join, come to the office (URC Suite 124) at the main entrance of the University Recreation Center. A waiver must be signed to complete the application process.

An employee who is paid 12 months out of the year, has the option of having their membership and locker fees deducted through payroll deduction. Please note any fees paid through payroll deduction, can only be cancelled on the membership anniversary (date you purchased your membership). To sign up for payroll deduction, visit and click My Employee Center, then on the Campus Recreation Membership tile.

Student Pricing 
Child - age 3 - 17$20/mo.
Child under age 3No Charge
Faculty/Staff Price 
Annual Membership Price$120/yr.
Monthly Membership$20/mo.
Employee Child (3-17)$20/mo.
Alumni Pricing 
Child age 3 - 17$30/mo.
Child under age 3No Charge
Community Pricing 
Child age 3 - 17$40/mo.
Child under age 3No Charge

Locker Rental
Full Length (5 ft.) available for $120.00/year or $10.00/month.
Half Length (30 inches) available for $60.00/year or $5.00/month

Payment Options
Payment must be made by cash, check, or credit card. TCU accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and check cards. All Campus Recreation and Wellness Promotion Memberships must be purchased during office hours.