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To request a reservation, please fill out the online Facility Reservation form.
Summer Reservations begin April 2, 2018

Facility Reservation Policies
Facilities located within the University Recreation Center include natatorium, outdoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, squash court, track, two multi-use gymnasiums sports, weight training and cardiovascular fitness area, multi-purpose exercise studios and a climbing wall. These facilities represent activity areas with potential for reserved use in accordance with the following priorities:

Scheduling Priorities
The administration of the University Recreation Center has been assigned to the Department of Campus Recreation by the TCU Administration and operates under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. However, the philosophy of the Department of Campus Recreation is that the University Recreation Center is first and foremost a TCU facility and will be schedule accordingly under the following guidelines:

Primary Occupants
Three departments are located within the University Recreation Center or use it as their primary teaching facility. These departments include Campus Recreation, Athletics and Kinesiology. These departments will receive priority and equal consideration when scheduling the facility. Within this group, the priority will be based on a spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit. It is also policy that at least one court and a reasonable amount of secondary activity space will always be available for drop-in recreation. The Director of Campus Recreation will make this determination.

No Department will be able to unreasonably occupy a space for simple convenience or programs not related to TCU. Once any activity space is vacant, it will become available for open recreation and under the supervision of the Campus Recreation staff. Reservations by each of the primary Departments will be taken before outside reservations are accepted. The Associate Director of Campus Recreation for Operations will determine this date. Classes, team practices, meets & matches, sport club events, intramural sport programs and standard open recreation hours are a few examples of what will be scheduled prior to opening the facility for general reservations. It is the responsibility of each department to set up, tear down and arrange for Housekeeping after any special event.

General Reservations
TCU Departments, Student Organizations and outside groups will be scheduled on a first come – first serve basis. Fees and charges will be assessed as stated later in this handbook. In all cases, the Department of Campus Recreation will strive to meet the needs of the TCU community. However, on rare occasion, scheduled events may be moved or canceled based on the priorities of the University Administration. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from sponsored programs or events.

Group or individual should obtain a Facility Reservation Request from the Department of Campus Recreation or Campus Recreation website.  All Non-TCU affiliated groups should contact TCU Conference Services office to obtain use of any Department of Campus Recreation facility.

  • Groups or individual should submit the Facility Reservation Request form at least 7 days in advance.
  • Groups will need to have one representative only making all of the arrangements for the facility reservation.
  • Group or individual will receive a response from the Associate Director of Facility Operations to discuss the reservation request including any estimate in cost of event.Depending on area requested other staff members will be included in Facility Request.
  • The Associate Director of Operations may require a formal interview to discuss the event.
  • Notice of cancellation or changes must be given to the Associate Director of Facilities and Operations 24 hours prior to the event. Fines may occur.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to re-assign or cancel any request for space due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Outside our primary constituents (Intramurals & Sport Clubs), we do not reserve the Rec gym or Track during peak operating hours (primarily 3-9pm). The reason is to allow free space for individuals to recreate. A group can not take over a basketball court or the track.

Day of Reservations
Day of reservations will be handled on a first come first serve basis based on availability. A group may check with the Campus Recreation Operation Supervisor to inquire about open space and times but not to make a formal reservation.

Sponsored Programs
Sponsored programs are those that involve less than 50% TCU students, faculty or staff. These programs will be dealt with on a cost recovery basis making sure that rental charges are passed on for basic costs including staffing fees, program and facility operations, housekeeping, and costs associated with special set-ups/tear-downs. All of these programs will be scheduled through the Conference Services Office and will abide by the fees and charges as set forth by that office. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from sponsored programs or events.

Reserved Room/Gym/Field Usage

  • All events must complete the use of their room by the ending event time.
    Furniture is to remain in the room as set-up. The University Recreation Center staff must approve movement of furniture from room to room.
  • All rooms used for the event are expected to be left in the same orderly condition in which they were found.
  • Any event may submit a room setup diagram to Associate Director  Operations one-week prior to the event. The diagram will be accommodated to the best of our ability.
  • At the time of the event, concerns or questions about set-up, may be directed to the Member Services Desk.
  • Since many events may be within the building at the same time, noise is to be kept at a minimum. No group will be permitted to disturb scheduled programs. Singing, playing music, or talking which may disturb another group should be scheduled in advance with the Assistant Director – Facilities to avoid conflicts.
  • Any rooms or furnishings that are damaged will be billed on a cost basis to the organization responsible for causing the damage.

Event Staffing

  • Campus Recreation may assign facility supervisors to the event depending on the nature of the reservation and/or number of participants.  The supervision of the Recreation Center will be an expense that will be charged to the organization.  The supervisors’ duties include insuring that the event goes as smoothly as possible, and overseeing the set-up and take-down of the event.  They are there to assist when needed, but their position is not to do all of the work for the event.
  • Additional facility staff may be required based on the nature of the reservation and/or number of participants. Campus Recreation will determine the number of staff needed for the event. Charges may apply.

The Department of Campus Recreation and University Recreation Center can supply a variety of equipment for event usage (please see list of available equipment).

  • The equipment must be requested in advance, at the time of scheduling.
  • Depending on the type of equipment requested (i.e. Audio/Visual Equipment), a technical staff person may be required to operate the equipment.
  • Some equipment is of a limited quantity. It may be determined that the group may be responsible for contracting equipment rental outside of TCU.
  • Each event is responsible for the equipment assigned to it. A replacement cost will be charged for any damage or loss of equipment.

Food & Beverage
The University Recreation Center does not have any contractual obligation to on Campus Dining. A group may bring their own food/catering into facility. Campus Recreation must be notified about any plans for outside catering in advance.

Any advertising or publicity for the event is subject to approval by Campus Recreation. The following policies will govern any use of fliers, banners, posters or free standing signs.

All publicity must have the name of the sponsoring organization on all printed materials.

  • There will be absolutely no taping of materials to walls, mirrors, doors or windows if placed in the Recreation Center.
    Posters/Fliers may not be larger than 22”x 28”.
  • Banners may not exceed a size of 3‘ x 6’.

Sales & Fundraisers
All student organizations, companies, individual fund raisers and charity groups requesting sales or promotion of services in the University Recreation Center must be approved by Campus Recreation. The following policies will govern and sales or fund raisers:

  • Recognized student organizations may sponsoring a sale or raffle without any associated fees.
  • Companies, individual fund raisers and charity groups requesting sales or promotion of services in the Center must be approved by the Facility Director. The fee is $50.00 per day or 15% of gross sales.
  • All sale items must be educational in nature of value
  • No sale item may be in competition with current University Recreation Center or the University Bookstore.

To request a reservation, please fill out the online Facility Reservation form.