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Focusing on Wellness during COVID-19

Welcome Back!  This has been a challenging past five months for everyone, but TCU’s commitment to supporting our students’ success has never been greater.  The stress and challenges of living life with physical distancing and a focus on prevention practices can be a lot to manage. 

As a TCU Community, we need to focus on achieving balance and positive wellness even while we are in, or know someone in quarantine.  We are stronger together as we support each other’s health and wellness.  Look at the information below for:


Welcome to Wellness Education 

Wellness Education works to promote a holistic approach to wellness within the Horned Frog community. Our goal is to serve students by helping them understand the value of creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Wellness is a positive perspective on life. Wellness is the lifelong pursuit of developing personal values and building awareness of balanced choices to impact healthy behaviors that allows an individual to see the best version of one’s self that enhances the community in which they live.

Empower students to engage in wellness.

Actualize a culture of wellness that impacts every student’s success.

Inclusivity, Discovery, Community, Leadership, & Growth

Frog Life
Frog Life is TCU’s comprehensive wellness initiative that empowers the Horned Frog community to live well.


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