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Wellness is the lifelong pursuit of developing personal values and building awareness of balanced choices to impact healthy behaviors- this allows an individual to see the best version of themselves that enhances the community in which they live.  

In order to encourage a culture of health and wellness for all students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university, Texas Christian University prohibits the use of all tobacco products and smoking on property owned by the university. It is up to EVERYONE to help spread awareness and make this policy successful.

If you encounter someone using tobacco on campus, you might find one of these toolkits helpful in approaching them and opening a conversation about the TCU tobacco policy and the benefits of cessation. All you have to remember are your A, B, C’s…  

Communication Toolkit 

A – Assume the person is not aware of the policy 

B – Be polite and friendly 

C – Cessation! If the individual is open to talking about cessation, provide them with resources.  


Below are some examples of ways you can interact with someone whom you see violating the tobacco-free policy.  


Be Respectful. 

Listen and have empathy for the student’s situation.

“Quitting tobacco can be challenging. If you’re interested in our campus resources for tobacco cessation, here are a variety of in-person or on-line cessation resources.”


Be Direct. 

Explain the reason behind the policy. Make a clear statement that this is an important policy to the university and it is an expectation that everyone adheres to this policy.

“The Tobacco-free Campus policy is part of the university’s commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all members of our campus community. It takes us all of us participating to make our community healthier.” 


Offer Options. 

Provide cessation resource options.

“To help you manage cravings while on campus, the TCU Pharmacy offers different products for nicotine replacement, they would be happy to get you connected to products that would be helpful to you!”

 “You might consider taking advantage of tobacco cessation coaching offered through the Alcohol and Drug Education office, it is a great resource available to you on campus.” 


Corrective Action. 

All students are expected to adhere to campus policy. Enforcement will be through education and awareness. Should you see someone using tobacco on University property, please respectfully remind them that TCU is tobacco-free and that tobacco products are prohibited on campus grounds.

“I don’t know if you are aware, but TCU has a Tobacco-free Campus policy. Could you please put away your tobacco.”


If a person asks where they may use tobacco products, explain that the use of tobacco products are prohibited on university property including inside buildings and on university grounds. If they feel they need to use tobacco products, they will need to leave campus property. 

“The Tobacco-free Campus policy bans tobacco use here on campus. You are free to use off-campus, but if you would like to know about some of the benefits of cessation you can stop by the Wellness Education Office located in the Rec Center.”