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Lauren Barrow, Personal Trainer

Lauren Barrow

Major: Movement Science

Minor: Nutrition

Hometown: Wimberley, TX

Certification: NSCA-CPT

Related Experience: Raised in an active and athletic environment- volleyball, cross country, track, resistance training

Training Philosophy:
My goal for all my clients is to achieve a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. If someone is needing to make a lifestyle change, fitness needs to be a part of it, and finding ways to enjoy exercise will be the key to a successful change. I want to help my clients form a habit with exercise and then push them to reach their specific fitness goals. I come from an athletic background that consisted of track, cross country, and resistance training. All the sports I participated in required a lot of mental toughness, which is something I want to help my clients improve on each training session. My style of training involves weight training, circuit training, HIIT training (High intensity interval training), and other varied types of cardiovascular training. Each session will be challenging, but also a rewarding and enjoyable experience that will result in improvement of overall fitness and mentality.