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Brazos Canoe Trip was a ‘great way to decompress’

Bailey and Jon took a group of five participants to the Brazos River this past weekend for a day and a half of canoeing and kayaking. They canoed a total of 20 miles over two days, starting at the dam of Possum Kingdom Lake and ending at the Highway 4 bridge.
Bailey sat down to answer some questions about the trip.
Q: What was your favorite moment of the trip?
A: My favorite moment from the trip was sitting around the campfire at night. While conversation was small because we were all exhausted, being around everyone made it feel like we were all getting to know each other better. We made some delicious s’mores and got to enjoy the heat of the fire while listening to the river move and watching the almost full moon rise.
Q: What is the most memorable moment from the trip?
A: I think overall just being on the river and seeing the amazing natural landscapes that we don’t get to experience here at TCU is always the most memorable part of a trip for me. We got to see some amazing cliffs, beautiful skies, and tons of mountains. Sitting in a canoe in the middle of a river for two days is so relaxing and always makes me more appreciative of the beauty of nature.
Q: What was your favorite adventure on the trip?
A: On the river there are patches of small rapids that are fun to go through. On the past trips to the Brazos, the water level had been so low that we had to drag the canoes through many of these rapids. This was the first time we were able to ride right through them.
Q: How do you feel about the trip as a whole? 
A: This trip is a time to get outside and enjoy the nature that is all around us. While paddling is required in order to complete the full 20 miles on time, it is not overly rigorous. This trip allows for plenty of time to get to know one another.
Q: Why should participants sign up for adventure trips?
A: Adventure trips give participants a chance to get outside and explore places that would be harder to travel to on their own. It is a great way to decompress after a tough week.
Make sure to sign up for our upcoming trips! We have two (backpacking and rock climbing) trips going over fall break, among many others. Pick up a flyer in the rec to learn more.