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Come and get your candy here!

It’s Halloween, and we at the Outdoor Center love Halloween. How do we celebrate the holiday? We put candy at the top of the rock wall. That’s right – our 30 foot rock wall now has candy at the top of it. When you climb this week and make it to the top, there will… Read more »

New adventure trips for this semester

Adventure Trips have been a part of the Outdoor Center for as long as people can remember. However, we just had a turnover in terms of director of the OC. With the new director in place, we now have several new Adventure Trips. Two of these trips include luxury camping and ski trips. The Fall Color… Read more »

Brazos Canoe Trip was a ‘great way to decompress’

Bailey and Jon took a group of five participants to the Brazos River this past weekend for a day and a half of canoeing and kayaking. They canoed a total of 20 miles over two days, starting at the dam of Possum Kingdom Lake and ending at the Highway 4 bridge. Bailey sat down to… Read more »

Take a look at our Full Moon Paddle

On Sept. 16, Jon and Miranda took a group of participants on a full moon paddle. This trip was almost full and the participants had so much fun! Below is a gallery of pictures taken by participants on the trip. This trip is one of our most popular options throughout the semester. Most full moon… Read more »

Interested in rock climbing?

Interested in Rock Climbing?  Then do I have the perfect opportunity for you. On either September 9th or 10th, you can attend a rock climbing team interest meeting at 8 p.m. at the rock wall in the rec. This team is open to all levels of expertise, even if you have no idea what a… Read more »

Events happening in the OC this semester

Now that you’ve met the staff, you’re probably wondering, “What exactly can I do at the outdoor center? I know you have a rock wall and lead trips, but when are those happening?” We have a handy calendar to help you answer that question. The calendar can be found here and will tell you a… Read more »

Meet the Staff

Hello! I’d like to introduce our Adventure Trip Program staff to you. As you decide whether or not to sign up for a trip (you totally should), it’s normal to worry about who is going to be leading you. All ATP staff are trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. You are in very capable hands!… Read more »

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to TCU! We are so excited to welcome the incoming students and the returning students of our Horned Frog family back. TCU is full of great activities. One of those great activities is the Outdoor Center in the Rec. The Outdoor Center offers lots of adventures – the climbing wall, adventure trips, equipment… Read more »