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The 6 Key Principles of a Successful Fitness Plan

Starting a new lifting program can be a daunting task, and hitting a plateau after a year or two of working out can be frustrating. If you’re facing either of these situations, make sure that you are considering each of these principles that guarantee your success in the weight room.   Progressive Overload – If… Read more »

Why Is Conditioning Better Than Cardio?

As the cardio deck fills up in preparation for warmer weather, I feel that I should take the opportunity to share some ideas related to cardiovascular fitness and fat loss. We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes we just can’t seem to find the time to stick to a plan. Although… Read more »

Want to Learn How to Nail a Headstand or Inversion?

If you’ve always wanted to perfect one of those impressive yoga headstands (also known as sirsasanas), then we have a class for you! Six Week to Sirsasana 6 weeks MP2, 4:30-5:30pm Wednesdays February 1st – March 8th $50 per participant     This class is designed for intermediate yogis looking to improve their arm balance… Read more »

BODYPUMP 100 Launch – Free Event 1/28/17

Come join the excitement at the BODYPUMP 100 Launch Event for FREE! Our instructors will be rolling out the newest release of the original barbell class. January 28th at 10am in Multi-Purpose Room #1

BattleFrog 2016

Back in March 2016, I had the rare privilege of tagging along with four Horned Frogs on a flight to Atlanta, where they represented Texas Christian University on a national athletic stage. I know that “BattleFrog” sounds like an event tailor-made for TCU students, but it was much bigger than that. Even though we had done our… Read more »

Sport Club spring semester has begun!

The TCU Sport Club program is back in action for a very busy spring semester!  Beginning this weekend, January 30th, many clubs are already starting their spring seasons. TCU Polo will host a home match on Saturday, January 30th at 10am in Oak Point, TX.  It’s just a short 45 minute drive north to watch… Read more »

We survived… but we’re dead!

Another semester is in the books for the Horned Frog family. Dash from The Incredibles is encapsulating all our feelings now that finals is done. For most students, this means no more tests and papers for a whole three weeks. The next three weeks will consist of becoming a couch potato and binge-watching the newest TV… Read more »

Finals week is upon us

Finals week is filled with stress from classes and extracurriculars wrapping up for the semester. It seems like everyone has five tests, five group projects, a movie to make in a different language, a 30-page research paper, and so much more before the end of the semester. Besides avoiding your responsibilities, what’s the best way… Read more »