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Intramural Sports FAQs

Q: Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

A: Any TCU student, faculty or staff can participate in Intramural Sports.

Q: What sports are offered?

A: A list of current sports is posted.

Q: Where/How do I register to play Intramural Sports?

A: To register a team, you must find the sport on IMLeagues for which you’d like to register and then create a team on the waitlist of the league in which you wish to play. In order to move off the waitlist and into a specific playing time, you will need to meet the minimum roster requirements!

Q: How many people can play on each team?

A: The minimum and maximum number of players varies for each sport, but rules can be found on IM Leagues under “Handbooks and Manuals.” As a general rule, the maximum number of players is 2x the amount of participants allowed on the court/field at one time. For instance, the maximum number of players allowed on a 5v5 basketball team is 10. (2 x 5 = 10).

Q: What is the difference in leagues (MR, MC, W, CR, & Res Hall)?

A: The following abbreviations are used to separate leagues and divisions and are to be selected when registering a team. Be mindful of which one you select.

MC = Men’s competitive (our most competitive men’s league)

MR = Men’s recreational (less competitive than MC)

W = Women’s

CR = Co-Recreational (men and women play on a team together)

Res Hall = Residence Hall (talk to your RA about playing on a co-recreational Res Hall team!)

Q: How many teams can I play on?

A: A player may only participate on one men’s or women’s team.  They may also play on one co-rec team.

Note: Men cannot play in both MR and MC.

Q: Do I have to turn in a team roster at the time of registering?

A: Your roster must meet the minimum roster number requirement on IMLeagues by the registration deadline to be upgraded from the waitlist. Only the captain or co-captain can invite players to join, and only IM Administrative Staff can remove players (must be requested by email). Roster changes are allowed without limit until the end of the regular season.

Q: How do I add/delete players? When is the last day to add/delete players?

A: Adding players: Go to your team roster on IM Leagues and hit “Invite”, type in the email addresses of players you wish to add to your team and have them follow the email they receive from you.

Deleting players: Only the Competitive Sports Administration Team can remove players from a roster. Email for assistance.

Q: What is the policy on switching teams?

A: Once a player has checked in for a team, he/she is not allowed to switch teams. If a player is on the roster, and there is proof that he/she has not checked in for the team, he/she is eligible to switch teams.

Q: What is the check-in policy?

A: Every participant must have a TCU ID to play in a game, and must check-in with a intramural staff. No TCU ID = no play.

Q: What if I don’t have enough players for a full team, or I don’t have a team?

A: For teams looking for players or players looking to join teams, we have a free-agent system that is specifically designed to connect those who want to play with those who are in need of extra players. The following three ways are how the process works

  • Fill out a free agent form (online at to list yourself as a person interested in playing. This allows teams who are in need to search by sport for any players who are looking to join up.
  • If there are enough free agents to meet the requirements of a sport, we create a free-agent team free of charge that plays on a day/time that is open and fits the team’s preferences.
  • If by the end of registration there isn’t either a free agent team, or a team that has sought out the services of a person listed as a free agent,  we encourage free agents to go out the the fields/courts on the days and times that they can play and ask teams in real time if they can use another player (second most common way to get going)

Q: What do we get if we win?

A: Championship t-shirts will be given to each participant who is on the roster and is checked in for the game/event.

  • All-Campus points will be awarded for 1st place and 2nd place.
  • Bragging rights for an entire year!

Q: What are All-Campus points? How are they recorded?  

A: All-Campus points (ACP) is a campus wide intramural competition. Teams that participate in more than one sport have the opportunity to earn points for participation and placing in the top 4 in the league or in the top 2 in a tournament. Points are awarded based on team name not organization. Therefore, it is important to keep the name of your team consistent in order to add ACP to your total. ACP is recorded by an intramural supervisor who will send out updates after the closing of major team sports. The point values for various types of events and leagues can be found in the Intramural Participant Handbook on

Q: How can I work for the IM Sports program? What positions are offered?

A: Fill out an application on our website (, and email Positions offered are as follows:

  • Intramural Official