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Support TCU & Run for Life

The Suicide Awareness Coalition of Tarrant County is proud to announce the Fifth Annual 5K Run for Life Race! benefiting the LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team at Heart of the Ranch on Saturday, September 12th, 2015 and we need your help to raise awareness!

The Suicide Awareness Coalition of Tarrant County (formerly Suicide Prevention Coalition of Tarrant County), an initiative of Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County is committed to leading the community in suicide awareness, outreach, and education. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students. And for every suicide, more than six people are left to grieve for their loved ones.

Please join team (TCU) at the Fifth Annual 5K Run for Life! By joining the race, you will lend a hand in implementing much needed programs within our community, including the Loss Team. This team is comprised of volunteers who offer immediate support to people who have lost a loved one to suicide and who also provide links to resources for further coping. Because suicide statistics are rising in our country and throughout Tarrant County, please bring your wonderful horned frog spirit to our TCU team. Together, we can make Tarrant County a happier and healthier community.

Great news!!!  Enter code TCU15 for a $15 dollar registration. You will also receive a free RUOK? neon green shirt to wear for the run.

Three ways to get involved:

  1. Run in the Run for Life 5K (see tips below)
  2. Join Team TCU (see tips below)
  3. Participate as a volunteer by filling out and submitting this form:


Additional Tips:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Under GROUP REGISTRATION, click “Register a Group”
  3. You’ll see a pop-up. Click OK
  4. Under SELECT RACE, select either Run for Life 5K or Sleep In
  5. Under INDIVIDUAL/TEAM REGISTRATION, select “Join a Team” and click on the box until you see TCU
  6. Fill in the rest of your information and register
  7. Share on Facebook with friends and family, encouraging them to join team TCUIf you have any questions or would like to discuss other ways you can help, please do not hesitate to contact Cortney Gumbleton at, as she would be happy to assist in any way she can.