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Sport Clubs FAQs

What is the Sports Club Program?
The TCU Sport Clubs Program is designed to promote participation in a wide variety of sport activities offering greater opportunity for student involvement at various levels of play. Each of the clubs is open to anyone who has a specific interest in furthering his/her own involvement in that particular sport.

What Sport Clubs are available?
A list of the Current Sport Clubs can be found here.

Who is eligible to belong to a sport club?
Any student who is currently enrolled at TCU is eligible to belong to a sport club. Faculty and staff members of TCU may practice with clubs but may not use club funds to travel and compete.

How do I start a sport club?
If you don’t see the sport you are interested in, information about Starting a Club can be found on this page.

Are there fees involved?
Each of the clubs is required by TCU to charge dues per semester. For some clubs it is a minimal amount, for others it may be more to cover team travel or equipment expenses. Personal equipment, food, and some travel costs cannot be  paid for by the University.

Want to support TCU Sport Clubs?
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For further information please contact Cristie Carpenter, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, at or (817) 257-PLAY.