New Sport Club Approval Guidelines

In order to be considered for approval as a Sport Club at TCU and fall under the OrgSync umbrella administered by Campus Recreation, an organization must meet these criteria:

  • Meet with the Associate Director of Campus Recreation prior to submitting application for approval.
  • Meet the minimum requirements of application for the Student Organizations process including but not limited to:
    • Have a minimum of 10 interested members
    • Apply during authorized application time period
    • Submit a proposal with application detailing what steps club leadership will put into practice with regard to club funding and structure to insure club sustainability and success.

In addition, to be considered for approval as a Sport Club the organization must:

  • Have a specific sport or recreation purpose
  • Be a competitive activity organization that has a governing body affiliation with a collegiate division AND has other collegiate club programs against which to compete.
  • Be reviewed and approved by the TCU Risk Management office.
  • Be reviewed and approved by the Sport Club Approval committee.

If approved as a Sport Club, the organization would become officially “active” and:

  • Be given anOrgSync portal under the Sport Club umbrella.
  • Be eligible to apply for SGA funding through the Campus Recreation budget request process (fall semester)
  • Be eligible to request reservations of University facilities for practices, games or events through Campus Recreation.
  • Be expected to adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the Sport Club officer and member manual.

Organizations that do not meet one of the above requirements may be considered for approval as a student organization but will not fall under the TCU Sport Club administrative umbrella on OrgSync.