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Gary F. Green, II, Personal Trainer

Gary F. Green

Major: Pastoral / Practical Theology

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Related Experience:

  • Former Division I College Football Player (2004 – 2008)
  • Personal Training; Sport Performance Training (2006 – Present)



Training Philosophy:

I believe in the effectiveness of training the body for performance. Even though many people may not participate in competitive athletics, performance training naturally forces the body to respond in both functional ability and appearance. For this reason I use a mixed approach to training, focusing on building strength, increasing power and endurance, burning fat, and improving overall fitness. Specifically, I incorporate weight training, plyometrics, circuit routines, and workouts targeting cardiovascular improvement (among others) to achieve a variety of results.

While I am capable of working with all clients, my background in competitive athletics makes me well suited to train anyone who is interested in athletic performance, body-building/sculpting, as well as general muscular and cardiovascular fitness.