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Outdoor Program Outfitting & Food


We take great pride in the equipment we provide our trip members. We fully realize that sleeping warm and comfortable, staying dry and being able to see in the dark, just to mention a few items, is essential to a successful and safe trip. We carry top of the line tents, sleeping bags, foam pads, backpacks, dry bags, rain gear, headlamps, and much more. The cost of your trip includes complete outfitting.


TCU works hard to prepare meals that are nutritious, delicious and sustainable. We regularly accommodate various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian.  Most of our menu incorporates sustainable meals as we believe eating lower on the food chain is both healthier for us and the planet in the long run. Our primary goal is to expose and educate our trip members to the joys of eating good food while camping and adventuring. We have found, over many years that our trip members thoroughly enjoy the food. In addition, when traveling by vehicle to and from our outdoor destinations, we make every effort to stop at locally/family owned restaurants and eateries so as to ensure the majority of the money we spend stays in that community and with the family.