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Fit For Hire

If you’re looking for a fitness professional to lead an event for your group or organization, we’ve got you covered. We can come to you anywhere on TCU’s campus, or you can reserve a space in the Rec Center. We offer chair massages, group exercise instruction, workouts or educational sessions led by personal trainers, and more.

Please submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance of your event to allow for planning and organization.

To make a request, please email Ryan Keller ( with the following information:

  • Name of the group or organization requesting the service
  • Name and contact information of the individual who should receive an invoice for payment
  • Description of the event (location, date and time, expected number of participants)
  • Which service(s) are you requesting
    • Any alternative options if we cannot fulfill the original request

If you will need to reserve a space in the Rec, you can complete a separate request through the Campus Rec Portal – Facility Reservation page.

Once a request has been submitted, the appropriate staff members will be contacted to schedule the request, followed by a confirmation email when all of the details have been established.

Chair Massage To-Go

Reward your group for their hard work, and help them relax.

A massage chair can be set up in your building by one of our massage therapists who will perform 5-15 minute massages for members of your group.

There is a 2-hour minimum for chair massage events. The rate for this service is $90/hour.

Chair Massage Info Sheet

5-Minute Chair Massages Sign Up Sheet

10-Minute Chair Massages Sign Up Sheet

Group Exercise Instruction

Your group just can’t find the time to make it to the gym? We’ll come to you!

Group Exercise Instructors can be requested to visit your building, or your group can use one of our multi-purpose rooms (depending on availability). Class formats requiring little or no equipment (yoga, zumba, etc.) typically work best if the instructor is visiting you. However, classes set up in the Rec Center can utilize any equipment that we use during regularly scheduled group ex formats (depending on instructor availability).

There is a 1-hour minimum for group fitness instruction. $50/hour per instructor.

Personal Trainer Educational Sessions & Workouts

Sifting through all of the fitness information available today, and deciding what’s fact or fiction, can be overwhelming. Let one of our experts help clear things up.

Personal Trainers can speak to your group on a wide range of topics including weight training, conditioning & cardio, circuit training & HIIT, basic sport nutrition guidelines, and more. They can also lead your group through proper warm up techniques, circuit workouts, or conditioning drills.

There is a 1-hour minimum for personal trainer instruction. $50/hour per instructor.